Howdy, my Name is Kurt Gröner.

I´m a Screen- and Interface Designer based in Ettlingen...

// about me

Although I love all areas of design, I focus mainly on Web and UI Design. I’m obsessed with creating clean

and easy to use designs that look extremely smooth.


In my opinion, great design isn't just about making things pretty. Don't get me wrong, attention to pixel-perfect detail & stunning graphics are my thing. But great design involves an obsession for critical thinking, best practices, bleeding edge technologies, and cultural relevance. It looks beyond proposed executions to the essence of an idea, extracting its goals and inherent problems to apply expertise in formulating the most elegant solution.


With 6+ years experience, I currently work in karlsruhe for eyeworkers interactive during the day and run my freelance work on nights and weekends – you know, when sane people do things like sleep, etc...


My passion is helping people translate dreams into usable realities, great ideas into tangible tools,

challenging problems into satisfying answers.


Have a project? I'd love to hear about it. And thanks for stopping by!