About me

A few words about me, my skills and the previous stations.

About me

Although I love all areas of design, I focus mainly on Web and UI Design. I’m obsessed with creating clean and easy to use designs that look extremely smooth.

In my opinion, great design isn’t just about making things pretty. Don’t get me wrong, attention to pixel-perfect detail & stunning graphics are my thing. But great design involves an obsession for critical thinking, best practices, bleeding edge technologies, and cultural relevance. It looks beyond proposed executions to the essence of an idea, extracting its goals and inherent problems to apply expertise in formulating the most elegant solution.

With 8+ years experience, I currently work in Karlsruhe as digital product designer for United Internet AG during the day and run my freelance work on nights and weekends – you know, when sane people do things like sleep, etc…

My passion is helping people translate dreams into usable realities, great ideas into tangible tools, challenging problems into satisfying answers.


Webdesign 90%
Mobile-Design 80%
Icon-Design 75%
Animation 70%


January 2009 – Today

Freelance UX / UI Designer

March 2017 – Today

Sketch – Das Tool für Designer

November 2015 – Today

United Internet AG / 1&1 Internet AG
Product Designer

May 2014 – November 2015

wondermags Sàrl
Director UX / UI Design

January 2013 – July 2014

eyeworkers interactive GmbH
Screen- / Interfacedesigner

January 2012 – July 2014

3K – Kreativ-Klub Karlsruhe

August 2009 – July 2014

KG Media | Grafik- und Webdesign
Art Director


March 2011 – January 2013

Marschner+Kühn, The B-to-B Brand Station
jun. Art Director

November 2007 – June 2010

Vital Office GmbH
interior planning designer, Responsible for 3D planning


  • Mediadesigner (CC 2010)
  • Projektmanagement (CC 2011)
  • Marketing (CC 2011)
  • Teamleader (CC 2011)
  • Conflict resolution training (CC 2014)
  • Communication and assertiveness training (CC 2014),
  • Develop leadership skills (CC 2014)
  • Self, stress and time management (CC 2015)
  • Stress-free communication (CC 2016)

Academic background

  • Community College Trier
  • Community College Karlsruhe
  •  Carl Hofer school, subject area: Printing and Media Technology
  • Academy for Communication, subject area: Graphic Design